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Posted: February 1, 2011 in The Bflat Max Music Project
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I’d better start by explaining that whilst Bflat is a chord; it isn’t a magic fourth chord and neither is BFlatMax.

I started ‘doing’ more music; actually learning to play the guitar instead of cranking out the same riffs and scales.  Since I’ve always dabbled with music and computer I started taking things serious and arranging and playing to the backtracks I was creating. (more on that later.)

Whilst lying down trying to get my act together  – I’m knackered most of the time but that’s another story I have, or was ‘given’, the diagnosis ME [Chronic Fatigue].  Every band or project needs a name; I also needed a reminder I’m not supposed to be giving everything the max.  “B Flat Max” simply means lie down, and take it is easy (you twit), Max.

Max – my nickname from work and other places reflects the fact that I never know when to stop, I’m a workaholic, a perfectionist  and keep going long after I should.

There I’ll leave it.  Chill, take it easy – Relax dudes – get horizontal, have a break, a catnap, a sneeky doze,  a few z’s,  forty winks, just nod off, grab some shuteye,  snooze … okay that’s enough!

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